About TAB

We have extensive experience with large retailers in the Home Improvement, General Merchandise, and Pharmacy Segments. We offer versatile crews to allow you unlimited creativity in design and technical level of installation. Our “all in one box” service simplifies scheduling and allows flexibility to react to on-site issues that normally bog down projects. TAB’s ability to quickly master your project and identify potential problems along with our effective communication simplifies even the most demanding projects allowing you to maximize your resources.

We have completed new store setup, big box remodels, conversions, and roll outs on a national scale. Our staffing capabilities allow us to adjust and specialize crews for your exact needs. All of this means that you have a knowledgeable and capable point of contact that has all of the resources available to maximize your merchandising budget while assuring a high level of detail and successful completion of your project. With TAB Retail Remodeling on the job you can be assured that your vision will become reality.

We have fully staffed offices in Gainesville, GA with extensive retail and corporate experience to fully support our clients and teams allowing us to quickly react and correct any problems or change direction based on new information. With no direct sales team, TAB has relied on reputation to build business so it is imperative that our services stand above and beyond all others. Our approach to providing all our services has never wavered and has proven to be reliably successful, so when you win we win!


TAB Services

  • Fixture Installation
  • Warehouse Racking
  • Product merchandising
  • Signage
  • Carpentry
  • Demolition
  • Refurb Preparation
  • Anchoring
  • Cleaning
  • Floor layout
  • Site Surveys
  • Product Roll Outs



TAB Management Team

Daniel J. Peck IIIChief Executive Officer

Dan Joined TAB shortly after it was founded in 2001. He led the new store set division until 2004 when he was brought into the corporate office as a recruiter. By summer 2004 he had ascended to the position of Chief Operating Officer, where he began a complete makeover of the company to better serve the clients. After leading TAB to new heights and revenue levels he was able to assume full ownership of the company in 2008.

Through a rocky economic turn, he tripled TAB’s size and expanded their footprint with the addition of new clients and a separate entity dedicated to Union only setup. With over 30 years of retail, sales and retail remodeling experience dan has been able to adjust TAB to meet clients needs in an ever-changing environment while keeping the high level of service the company has been known for. He has always strived for nothing short of excellence and brings an unparallel team mentality to TAB. He challenges all the TAB team members to be better each week and grow as a company to continue to meet the needs of TABs Clients.