Through March we had a few exciting things happening with our clients! With Publix, we were able to help them complete one store for opening in Rock Hill, SC here at the end of the month. We still have an ongoing store that we are currently working on that is coming along nicely and should be ready by the middle April. Publix is different venue than most of our employees have been used to so it\’s giving small groups a chance to grow new skill sets recently.

Out in Irvine, CA we had an quite a few of our management staff learning how to relocate an Office Depot. The store looks great and everyone seems to have absorbed a lot of knowledge from the experience. As we move forward with Office Depot, we know have several managers to run several projects after we find out what their schedule for stores are going to be.

Several things are cropping up with Walmart. We have started two remodels; one began in Macedon, NY toward the beginning of the month and the other is in Wahpeton, ND that starts here at the end of March. Not only are we polishing up and updating these stores, but we are starting a new one in Honolulu, HI. Walmart acquired an old retail store building and are reforming it to become their store. This one will be a change from what we are used to in the sense that it is a two story building! Aside from those projects, we were asked to return to our store in Grand Forks, ND that we built out for an Early Fixture Set to help stock the store and get them well prepared for their Grand Opening.

As we are moving into these new areas of our business, it is important to absorb as much knowledge of them that can be soaked up. Several of our skill set will transfer from one place to the other, but just as everyone in our employ has their own way of doing things, so do our clients.

” To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. ” -Winston Churchill

Andrew Rotunno