Title Traveling Remodeler/Carpenter:
Salary TBD
Location United States
Job Information

Traveling Remodeler/Carpenter:


We are a traveling company that remodels retail stores and are in need of skilled carpenters that are willing to travel to our client’s stores and install their fixtures. Our clients are all over the United States and we provide a reimbursed per diem so reliable transportation and a willingness to travel anywhere is a must. We provide power tools, but your own set of carpentry hand tools is required by each employee. During times that there is no traveling work needed, we have a construction company/custom cabinet fabrication shop that will have work, so someone that is local to the Gainesville, GA area and can make the drive back and forth to our office would be ideal to keep our few carpenters busy.


Our ideal candidate can:

– Be a self-starter that can see what needs to be done with little direction and can effectively get the job accomplished

– Lift up to 80lbs

– Climb a ladder as needed

– Take direction from our clients and relay the information to our home office

– Manage small groups of people

– Read a fixture print

– Take prefabricated materials and cabinets and install with 1/16″ precision per prints

– Demonstrate knowledge of power tools and proper usage so as not to damage prefabricated parts

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